the grounds

Our vineyards among the hills of Chianti Classico

The gentle slopes of the hills (with an altitude of between 250 and 300 metres), the exposure of the vineyards and the nearby small lake guarantee a unique microclimate, characterized by strong temperature variations (up to 20°C between day and night), an ideal condition for the ripening of the grapes.

Since 2019, the conversion to organic farming, with the use of natural products and other measures such as inter-row sowing and binding the vines with willow, thus eliminating non-biodegradable materials, has guaranteed the enrichment of the soil and its biodiversity.

There was a vineyard planted in 1974, but this was left abandoned and destined for uprooting. One day, this vineyard ‘spoke’ to us, and its destiny changed. The vines Mille Sparse (‘thousand scattered’) were raised one by one from the ground, with the support of a chestnut pole tied with willow, before the gaps were filled with ancient varieties of fruit trees and roses.

The grapes of this vineyard, harvested by hand, are vinified in a French oak vat with indigenous yeasts to produce our Mille Sparse.